aboutlauren weiss art


I've been an artist most of my life, mentored by my grandmother, a professional artist in her own right.  Studied art and business at UCSD, but life had other plans for me. Got married, had children, remarried, and was devoted to my children. In the 90s, when the internet was fledgling, I taught myself graphic and webdesign, and learned all about computer software and hardware. Soon I began doing custom webdesign for several years, then started a career in IT support for a software company in California.

After retiring, I rediscovered the joy of creating art, watercolor painting and the creative flow that comes with it. In between caring for my husband and spending time with my grandchildren, I like to escape into my own form of therapy by putting paintbrush to paper and creating something beautiful I can share with others. Something that takes the viewer away to a better place, maybe a fond memory.

Check back regularly as I'm always adding new work. Thank you for visiting!